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Appliance Material Comparison

The world of digital dentistry materials is constantly growing with new and innovative products. We are constantly looking for resins and products that can help our Doctor's and their patients. We always put every material through a thorough a rigorous R&D phase and beta testing with our top doctors before offering it to everyone. Here is a list of our current materials and some info on why you might pick one over another. For more in depth advice on what to request simply give us a call or shoot us an email!

KeySplint Soft

Keysplint Soft from Keystone industries is a truly innovative product, that changed how we make splints. Even though the name suggests this is a soft material, it's a mild softness due to its flexibility. here are some pros and cons to help you decide if its right for your case.


  • Extremely Durable

  • Can be heat relined in a water bath

  • Very comfortable and adaptive fit in the mouth

  • Durability allows for thinner design to allow for tongue space


  • Excursive can have mild frictional resistance

  • More difficult to polish than other materials

KeySplint Hard

Keysplint Hard from Keystone industries is another amazing and innovative product. This material is the closest in material properties to acrylic. For TMJ pain patients, this is probably the resin you will want to request.


  • Very Durable

  • Polishes easily to an incredibly high shine

  • Minimal resistance on excursive


  • More brittle that KeySplint Soft, but less than traditional acrylic

  • Requires excellent records for fit accuracy, and cannot be heat relined

  • Requires slightly thicker design for strength

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